• Reducing Food Waste – Talk About It. Be About It.

    Feeding a growing population has been on the minds of those of us growing food for decades. And as of late, it is something readily written about on our blogs and shared across our social media feeds. Every day we are conversing about today’s farmers and how we are able to do so much more… [Continue Reading]

    Reducing Food Waste – Talk About It. Be About It.
  • Why Do I AgVocate?- Hannah Neuenschwander

    What is your role in agriculture? In January 2015 I began my career in agriculture with Monsanto at a soybean production facility in northern Illinois. Our facility works closely with almost 200 farmers in the surrounding area who grow over 50k acres worth of seed-bean fields for us. These harvested soybeans are brought to our… [Continue Reading]

    Why Do I AgVocate?- Hannah Neuenschwander
  • Transparency in AgVocacy

    “Eeuuu, Pee-U, What stinks?” When I hear that from our visitors I know their romanticized view of farming is heading for a change. “Why can’t the babies stay with their mothers? It seems so mean.” When I begin to share the benefits from feeding the calf with a measured amount, the safety from being stepped… [Continue Reading]

    Transparency in AgVocacy
  • Insta-Farm Accounts You Should Follow

    1. Alison is a wife, mother, ag teacher and shares beautiful photos of their cattle. Keeping a watchful eye on me! Can’t say as I blame them – I WAS sitting on the ground in THEIR pasture… A photo posted by Alison McGrew (@amcgrew8342) on Jun 24, 2016 at 9:14pm PDT 2. Brian is a… [Continue Reading]

    Insta-Farm Accounts You Should Follow
  • How Do You Talk About GMOs?

    As part of our “How do we talk about that?,” series, Elizabeth Held shares how she talks about GMOs. President Barack Obama signed the new federal GMO labeling bill law recently, so GMOs are back in the news and so are myths about them. This makes it even more important than usual to talk with… [Continue Reading]

    How Do You Talk About GMOs?

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